is a simple offline/online-ready payment application that has enhancements designed to improve the overall payment experience…

What Makes Special? is native and offers a fast and rich user experience.

In a few simple setup steps you will have your own branded terminal that will be able to take cash, cheque, voucher & store cards* in addition to standard card payments. is native and offers a fast and rich user experience.

Some features include…

  • split payments
  • accept tips
  • add surcharges
  • add external references
  • manage shifts
  • customise your receipt text (including tax invoices straight from the device!)


Want your own offering? can be white labelled to deliver your customers a robust smart terminal POS that is yours, simple saving you time and money from developing it yourself.  

We can also customised to meet your requirements what ever they may be and even integrated into your provisioning systems to make it work out the box with no configuration.

Needing more?…

If you need more than simple payments or more controls turn on “Products mode” and select an empty tile to start adding products for itemised receipting.


*Support for third party cards requires integration so please contact us if you would like your card supported.

Still have questions? Let’s CHAT ABOUT it. . .

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