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Echidna International are a multi-disciplinary team of well-educated and successful professionals who take pride in their consultative approach.

We feel our success comes from the strong communication practices and a can-do attitude that we have created between people, where departmental agendas are left at the door and everyone collaborates to play an active role in prioritising the unique requirements of each business.

“ Our aim is to help our clients to grow & transform their business by maximising the potential of technology ”


As our business started to grow, we searched for an off-the-shelf software solution that could consolidate our existing systems, and streamline our workflow.

After several years of searching, we found nothing to match our unique business requirements. As a result, we turned our search towards an external services company, however after months of investment, it was clear that deliverables were missing the mark and we needed to re-assess our strategy.

In the end, we took matters into our own hands and decided to look internally for answers. We took the best of our existing talent and supplemented them with well-educated and successful professionals from multiple disciplines. This team were able to build some great industry-specific products that delivered real benefit to our businesses. There, Echidna was born.

After hearing of numerous companies with similar stories to our own, we now offer a full range Echidna services to everyone, that will deliver on promises and truly add value to your business, just as it has done with ours.


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