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As one of our own brands ‘Wireless Communications Pty Ltd’ planned the transition from ‘on-premises’ to ‘the Cloud’ we took the opportunity to see what systems we could consolidate to simplify the process

We found that while we could consolidate some systems, there were still many that were unable to be consolidated and thus still required. Additionally, with our ticketing system going end of life (EOL), we needed to run two similar systems in parallel, yet maintain synergy.

In conjunction with the systems review our management team were reviewing what information was/wasn’t being used and if anything else was required to improve delivery and communication both internally and to our customers.

What we found was, as with most systems, the stored information was readily available, however with Cloud it was via an API or EDI and the methods of receiving & the format of data returned varied from service to service. Various EDI packages are available that provide a canned experience, but this didn’t fit our requirements. These types of packages typically required a master system (in which we didn’t have), therefore we would have needed several packages to accommodate our mix of off-the-shelf solutions but our complex integrations with partners, still unable to integrate.


Bring in the interconnector. . .


We deployed the echidna.interconnector and connected all our Cloud solutions.

 As the centre of the ecosystem the interconnector acts as the conductor, it allows the exchange of information between all the systems using the rules and triggers we have defined. Some systems included:

  • Service Cloud
  • Salesforce
  • Kaseya
  • Security/CCTC systems
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Web Data (such as Bureau of Meteorology)
  • Ubiquiti Wifi

Check it out!

Of the many things the interconnector does, its diverse capability can be demonstrated for example: when the interconnector queries the Kaysea API and searches for a user account that hasn’t logged-in for some time or a computer hasn’t been patched, the interconnector will then…


look-up Salesforce details


Draw account and contact information


A) Create a case in for one of our technicians resolve the issue if the customer is under a managed services agreement



B) Create an event for our sales team to contact the customer if they ARE NOT under a managed services agreement.

Graphical User Interface

The user experience. . .


By using the echidna.interconnector solution, echidna.screen was created to visualise the integration.

echidna.screen is a ‘Dashboard Monitor Display System’ that collects the most important and up-to-date information (according to the modifiable rules and triggers defined) from the interconnector to display on:

  • Android screens/Monitors (placed in prominent areas of the workplace)
  • Mobile Devices
  • Phones (such as Avaya Vantage).

Broadcasts live information such as:

  • Business metrics/Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Goals/Targets
  • Security footage
  • Advertisement/visuals/signage
  • Announcements (welcome/guest notification, weather, news, time limits etc.)
  • Incoming call statistics

the benefits

” An invaluable tool “

echina.screen has been invaluable to the business and has played a crucial role in the development of the business as the dashboard has given the team visibility of the most important metrics. Everyone is on the same page. Everyone is aware. It has completely aligned the team.



Accelerated reaction time

(Proactive & Reactive)

Augmented team focus

Improved customer relations

Effectively monitor trends

Set priorities

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